Classes : PRE NC, NC & KG

Our Vision :
Things don’t change . You change your way of looking & mould Yourself accordingly. The art of life  lies in constant readjustment to our surroundings.  That’s all.

Concept :
The Jingle Bells Kindergarten School has been conceptualised to adopt children between 2 & 5 years with the  aim of  bringing Kindergarten education near residential areas so that parents weary of sending them to far away schools at such a tender age may feel relieved.

A Dreamland :
A Toddler lives in a world  of fantasy. Before they are exposed to the complexities & rigours of life, Jingle Bells Kindergarten nurtures their dreams by creating a protective & pleasant environment thus helping the children to explore & unwind their inquisitiveness of the  surrounding world in a most subtle manner.This enables them to have sound physical & mental growth.   

A Child’s Maiden Tryst with Reality :
For this reason Jingle Bells Kindergarten has been conceptualised , to stimulate the initial dormant feelings & emotions into a meaningful creative urge in the child at Two and a half years of age. Thus enabling them to learn , understand & reproduce by building their confidence in a most conducive environment.

Creating Awareness :
Keeping in view their maiden venture in the world of education , it becomes our moral obligation & duty to design such a curriculum that can be easily digested and assimilated so that learning becomes more  subtle & interesting. For this reason we create general awareness through Play-way Methods & many Innovative methods like Activity oriented Comprehensive Teaching Aids such as Flash Cards, Colour Concepts, Innovative Lesson-Plans & Weekly Creative Assignments, Varieties of Charts, Comprehensive Art & Craft work ,Video Films and Visits  to  Places  &  Parks   etc.